The Conduit Magazine February 16 Edition 

Out of Hibernation

It’s time to bring your wardrobe out of hibernation again, our Spring Summer 16 collections are arriving thick and fast here at the Melbury Warehouse. Pricing, hanging, steaming and generally preparing every single piece that arrives here with a precision and passion. All the behind-the-scenes mad scramble, to present our customers with perfect ready to wear collections.

Each new season here at Melbury is a reinvention, our customers appreciate good quality more than ever and continue to crave products with a one-off unique feel. With a little bit of Melbury magic you can turn your wardrobe from ordinary to extraordinary.

Spring trends include feminine embroidery, embellishments, sparkle and shine, which is music to our ears as we have always looked for pieces rich in texture and feeling. Comfort is key. The pieces we sell have to have that certain something that pulls them out of the ordinary but, comfort should never be compromised. We are looking for fabrics that move with you, flow and drape where they should, and fabrics that are easy care – we are busy people with lives to be lived – wash and wear we say.

Braintree Clothing has been championing eco-fibres since they launched the company back in 2001. An ethos that has remained with the company offering affordable stylish and timeless fashion whilst caring for our skins and the environment. We love the fact that they use breathable bamboo, hemp and organic cottons. This season they have been inspired by beautiful hand drawn botanical engravings and have produced a collection of stunningly detailed floral prints.

The first wave of Adini is here and the styling is very chic, quite vintage … they have been inspired style wise by the seventies, but viewing the collection, I would say very early seventies. Dresses are to the knee or just below, with lovely wide shoulders straps that conceal rather than display your lingerie, and colourful co-ordinating cotton jersey separates to provide warmth and coverage on your arms as we build up our summer sun-kissed skin (Hopefully!).

Oska has arrived with a first collection called ‘Indigo’. Textured blue fabrics worked into silhouettes which are strikingly individual, always bucking against the grain of mainstream fashion. Once an Oska fan, always an Oska fan. The high technology cutting which is actually based all around the following letters … O, H, A and V to achieve the shaping. Quality fabrics and stitching which will literally last years and years.

By next month we will have received Masai Clothing, our layering experts, and Sahara London for styles and fabrics to suit a variety of shapes, skin tones and ages – nobody is exempt from Sahara and that’s just the way it should be. No limits, no boundaries. Beautiful clothes for beautifully individual people.

To accompany these gorgeous new collections we have launched our first ever loyalty programme, which has had a fantastic reception so far, Complete the card and you can treat yourself to a wonderful reward of £25 off you next purchase. Just giving back and rewarding our customers for their loyalty and for sharing our passion.